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How can i implement OKCash into my android Casino game?

Started by natysoz, November 05, 2017, 07:51:52 PM

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How can i implement OKCash into my android Casino game?

using unity3d and some database on my server.


I am also interested in this one. My comment on the subject. (I am not related to OKCASH developer team or in any team these  are my opinions only.) 
It seems there is no automatic method of implementing it, hence no crypto currency is working like Paypal or alternatives.
It is more like cash money. You have a wallet, online or offline and using this address to receive money. The money that you will receive is not delivered through some third party.

You can not make a donation button in your game like paypal with your okcash wallet. If there are any third party services exists which can take money from user and convert it to OKCASH and deliver this OKCASH to your given wallet with some commission it can be, but i am not aware of such service.

The only thing that can be done in this case is to write your OKCASH wallet address in your application and give a link to OKCASH official website(so users can have idea anout it if they never heard of OKCASH) and wait some happy user to send you their appreciations.

If someone has any other information please share:D


One more Idea:
Deposit money:
With some online payment system you can collect money from users like paypal. And by using paypal api you will monitor that account who deposit money (with userid forexample). After some user deposit money you will show in your casino game that amount of okcash in user's account.

Whenever some user want to cash out you can send okcash to their account from your okcash account. (Of course you should have plenty of OKCASH in reserve in your wallet) Okcash wallet has command prompt commands for sending receivening OKCASH.