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Why did you choose OKCash?

Started by OK-OK, October 30, 2017, 02:58:26 PM

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Why did you choose OKCash?

For me, it was the name ! CERTAINLY !
The POS system -  im always in, for earning something for FREE
Max-supply of 105.000.000 -  It is not much right? AND I HAVE IT !
The History of OKCash - Because IT HAS history
The natural growth of OKCash - And I SEE a bright future ahead
I am only in to make some gains after that i'm out - AND I WILL POOP MY PANTS LATER


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Why did i choose OKCash?

I can be very short on this answer !

The natural growth - this answer suits me the best !

If we observe the markets, and we look to OKCash, we can't get a better deal !

First of all it is forked from Blackcoin, and the past will tell us, that it is a very stable system.

Only Blackcoin does not have a MAX-supply.

OKCash is launched in 2014 ! What a history we have here !

We also see that OKCash is growing in a constant natural rate.
And that is a very good aspect of OKCash ! AND DON'T FORGET THAT !

With a lot of other cryptocurrency's, things got hyped out. because they initialy started with an ICO or so on.
And with greatly funded advertising campaigns, we all can make things right here and right now succesfull right? if we dont have patience?

Than we have the MAX-supply

Almost 70 % of the total OKs are in circulation !

And within around 130 days there is a blockhalving !

If we are going to look at the OKs that are in circulation, it is a very good sign, what the future will bring us !

Because OK will become scarcer at every blockhalving ! (next blockhalving is a everyday staking rate of 0,013 %)


The markets

If we look at the charts, OKCash has peaked at around 0,80 USD with almost 73 million coins in circulation ! and a everyday staking rate at 0,027%! in other words with an inflation of 10%.

What vision do you have at the year of 2020?


and don't forget: WEAK HANDS, GOT WEAK DEALS !

If you have selled to early, don't bother it, and don't think of it anymore, because you decided it was a good time to sell! And life is full of opportunities !

But my advise is to everyone: Don't sell anything on the short term !

And don't invest money, what you need in your everyday life !

(If you have 1200 USD a month and you need 900 USD for coming trough the month than only invest 50-100 USD - DONT LET CRYPTOCURRENCY GAINS, CONTROL YOUR LIFE )

Invest in it, and have this mindset: i will see what the future brings !


Make a price for yourself and if the price is $1,00 dont sell it for 0,9999999 !

Because you are thinking long term and if the price does not reach $1,00 it will hit it the next time !



I have say it before and i will say it again: in my opinion is a POS system the most stable blockchain there is. (because wallets are sustaining the blockchain and not computer-power)

And everybody is the same at OKCash !

Everybody gets the same interest on 1 OK !

And a staking system is one of the most natural economic aspects.

If you hold something, the system rewards you, because you make it stronger and more stable !

It is the same system as in a bank, but without the bank !

Thank you for reading, and i will see you next time !

:P  -  :P


In the description we talk about all the good aspect's of OKCash

Also how you with the right mindset of the community, can transform OKCash into Bitcoin 2.0 !

See also this topic that is started by talis:


Very interesting to see how important discussing is !

2 dedicated members on 2 different levels !

Join us today !


I am always saying, in long term i believe in Okcash. Don't be deceived from the short term fluctuations. Look at the history of bitcoin. How many times the coin itself dropped more than %30 - %40 percentage. But always it regained it's value. Not only bitcoin you can compare Ethereum ,ETC or Zcash also, the same scenario happened to them many times.
So be patient, spread the word, invest and stake.
Come to Discord chat also, a nice community waiting you there.
You will thank me later.