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OKcash 3rd Birthday — First BIG Announcement

Started by Okorator, November 13, 2017, 10:00:10 am

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November 13, 2017, 10:00:10 am Last Edit: November 13, 2017, 10:17:24 am by Okorator
OKcash 3rd Birthday -- First BIG Announcement

OKcash began almost 3 years ago with the dream of empowering people across the globe to become their own bank.
By focusing on building a community of collaborators, OKcash has made leaps and bounds in community size, social reach, and increasingly the impact we can have on the world around us. Thanks to community projects like http://www.okcashforcause.org/ we can directly contribute to specific projects aimed at improving our fellow man.

By using http://www.okcart.net/ community members can use OKcash to exchange physical and digital goods with just a few clicks!

but we didn't stop there....

By focusing on cryptocurrency awareness, online gaming, and social media OKcash has watched its community grow from humble beginnings, to 6500+ on discord, 1000's on telegram, scattering every social platform out there. OKcash community Twitter campaigns have begun reaching 50,000+ impressions per tweet. What this means, is the message of OKcash is reaching more people, every day, in every way. OKcash is on social media helping people just getting started in cryptocurrency using OKcash as the mechanism to teach with. Whether you're on Minecraft or Twitter, you have made it here into the OKcash family.

equally important,

OKcash technological structure allows everyone to participate in OKcash's future. Regardless of the amount of OKCash you have, you too can stake. This is at the core of OKcash's character. Reliability and stability are the pinnacles by which our blockchain operate.

This allows one of the fastest blockchains to give stakers 10% reward (see: http://okcashblockhalf.com for details) and users' quick transaction confirmations. While I enjoy seeing the many ERC20 tokens, each true blockchain represents the ideas of satoshi the best.

and in that regard, let's get to the big announcement!

No one owns or controls OKcash. OKcash is built on a community of collaborators who sometimes work independent, other times working together to build functions, features and services built on and for OKcash. There have been a few additions, that I would like to share with you.

I am proud to announce that OKcash already has additional coding developers already hard at work! These new developers have already audited OKcash code (btw, well done toshi :) ) to reiterate as we already know, the code is perfect. Right now, they are hard at work. Given the clean structure OKcash has built, they believe they will be of GREAT HELP.

But rather than me telling you all about them. I would rather they step forward, and tell you about themselves :)
Every day we will publish new information about OKCash. Information from the sphere of technological development and updates. We will show you the fruits of our several months of work.

There will be contests in which anyone can win OKcash coins as well as larger gifts! A lot of fun, lots of positive energy but also technical news that we can't wait to share with you. You will also learn about our plans for the future and additionally that you will find out soon. It is a surprise

Have fun and join us in celebrating next birthday of OkCash!

We are developing for you!


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