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OKCash Core Client won't launch after freeze

Started by rookeror, November 15, 2017, 08:18:39 am

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Some weeks back I installed ROKOS Flavors v8 on a new Raspberry Pi 3 and set up the OKCash Core Client for staking following the instructions on the ROKOS website. I received my first stake the very next day, so I believe the initial setup went smoothly. When I checked back a few weeks later, however, I saw that I hadn't received any further stakes. At first I thought I'd just gotten lucky the first time and that the long period between stakes was normal, but after closer inspection, I realised that the OKCash Core Client had frozen at some point without my noticing and was therefore no longer staking. I restarted the Pi and tried to relaunch the client, but it won't open anymore. I'm a total noob with Raspberry Pi and Linux so I have no idea where to start looking, especially since the pi was running headless at the time, so I don't know the time or the circumstances during which the freeze occurred. Any ideas as to where I can start looking? Many thanks.


Hi, How is it going now with your OK wallet, is it running and staking normally?