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New game with OK Cash integration. Spend, earn and go to war for ok cash.

Started by Eyes wide shut, December 06, 2017, 05:45:41 PM

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Eyes wide shut

I am currently working on developing a game which will be web based and hopefully a mobile app aswel.
This game with be centered around crypto and in perticular OK Cash as you will use the digital currency for many aspects of the game.
There will also be many opportunities to earn ok cash and battle other players to try and steal from their stash.
Yes I know this is very vague but I will update you with allot more info soon!

I am posting here firstly to let the community know about my project and secondly becuase it is only me working on the project it's a bit slow, I wondered if there was an official channel I could talk to the core team and ask about sponsorship? Or if there was funding or some form of tech support offered to those trying to build a project for ok cash?

Thanks for your time,
I look forwards to hearing from you all!


Very nice idea! Please tell us more about your project and contact us for help