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Fiat Killer - OK Cash Edition: The Game [python2.7 + pygame]

Started by billy, December 09, 2017, 07:56:39 AM

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Hello World

here is the Fiat Killer game, OK Cash Edition, is just a very simple but addictive shooter game, where you mine OK coins with your RPi3 to kill the flying USD things. How far can you bring the OK Cash price?? just have a try.

It works on Linux, Mac and Win. You need to have installed Python 2 and pygame module. Go to the unzipped folder you create and execute the fiatkillerok.py file and play against the "illuminati elite".

Open from CLi with 'python fiatkillerok.py' command or click on the icon.





This software code is absolute Open Source and free to use, modify or whatever you want. This product has no warranty at all.