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How you can help in supporting OKCash !

Started by OK-OK, January 05, 2018, 09:29:23 AM

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How you can help in supporting OKCash.

A active community is half of the work for a cryptocurrency to be succesful.

Once in a while i write here some stories, share my thoughts, and if needed help people if there are any questions.

A long time i only invested in cryptocurrency without doing anything for it.

Until i realized that OKCash need more active members to be supportive towards OKCash.

So a little bit of your time, can realize major changes.

How you can help?


Be active on the forum, reddit and twitter.

Share your thoughts, help people when needed, have a discussion, make a story.


When you play games , use OKCash as a clantag or make a OKCash emblem if it is possible.


Mention OKCash in your profile. (youtube, facebook, twitter, playstation)


Make OKCash stickers and paste them on hotspots.

Or make a OKCash graffiti, only make a graffiti where it is legal to paint on the walls (i am not supporting illegal actions )


Make a youtube-channel and tell people why OKCash has value for you. (or make supportive OKCash movies like a commercial)


Make art like paintings, music or objects.

There are so many ways to be a active member of the community.

It only needs a little of your time.

:P - :P



When you play games , use OKCash as a clantag or make a OKCash emblem if it is possible.

On this note, I've been speaking with a fellow Discord Staffer and started a OKCash group for Battle.Net gamers (any game!) I personally play HotS and D3 and some Hearthstone.

Here's the invite link to battle net's new social group update for the OKC Group! :)



Great to hear,

Also mention games like Call of Duty, Battlefield (platoon) where you can make your own emblem for instance.

Everytime you hit someone or get it, you see the calling card and emblem of the person that is involved.

:P - :P


I saw that people are signing up, thanks guys  If you complete an offer can you let me know here or in a PM what email you signed up with.  That way I can make sure that I receive credit for it.