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ROKOS v8, pi3; Syncing OKCash Chain onto External Drive?

Started by OKamir, January 17, 2018, 12:48:08 am

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I have successfully booted, resized SD card, and rebooted ROKOS v8 on pi3.. Running fine. In fact, the OKCash wallet opens and even began syncing. I am afraid that if I let it sync, it is going to fill up my 16gb SD card.

So, I have an external 1TB drive plugged in via usb slot on pi 3 and I want okcash chain to sync on external harddrive - not on 16gb SD card that is housing my ROKOS OS.

My theory is that I need to modify a line, or several lines, in the /home/pi/ file.. If I want to target, say, /media/pi/ROKOS_blockchain (the name of my external 1TB USB drive plugged in to the pi) how do I set this up?

I believe that I need to make this change on line 8 of the .sh file :


I made this modification and let it run.. It completed extracted and inflated all database tx successfully onto my external drive. The OKCash wallet client says I still have 0 blocks synced because I think it is looking at default location of database files (/home/.okcash, or something like that). How do I have wallet look at external for blocks?? 

Many thanks