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Transfer to Wallet not done and OP_RETURN in the Address Outputs information

Started by swagner, January 12, 2018, 07:30:58 AM

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Hi Support,

I have transfered amount xyy of OKcash to a online Wallet and it's now somewhere...
In have checked the Transaction and it's confirmed but in the Outputs it shows the following:

Index  Redeemed in            Address                            Amount
0          224.......               My Desktop Wallet address    xxx
1         ce7bc7.....              My Online Wallet address       xyy
2        Not yet redeemed    OP_RETURN                          0

I have done it again with 1 OKCash and it's visible in the online Wallet.
I have checked the Transaction and it's confirmed and in the Ouputs is the following:

Index  Redeemed in            Address                            Amount
0        ba28d87............      My Online Wallet address          1
1        Not yet redeemed     PW9L19NgvdGzEUE............   xxn-1

In the Online Wallet I can see transfere of both transactions and both didn't created an error but the amount xyy is not there.

Any Idea where I can find the xyy OKCash and transfere it back to my desktop wallet ?

Thanks for any help,



Hello Stefan,

I understand your concerns, but their is no need to be worried.

If your transactions are confirmed in the blockchain than it should be ok.

Sometimes it take some time until your funds are visible.

Are your funds at this time visible in your online wallet?

A tip for you and everybody else who read this:

If you have a new wallet or opened a online wallet that you never used before, send only a very small amount of your funds to this adress to check if everything is working correctly.

What kind of online wallet are you using? or is it an exchange-wallet?

On the OP_RETURN  issue, their you have no need to worried about.

If the problem is not solved, please send me a PM and give me your full details of your transactions and adresses, and i will have a look.

:P - :P