TITAN MINERS : renewable energies, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Started by mca, June 26, 2018, 07:31:53 am

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Hi, my name is Manuel, from Murcia, Spain.

We are creating a new company, called TITAN MINERS, mixing renewable energies and Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Besides, we are a Proof of Stake believers. And OKCash is one of our favourite cryptocurrency, for some reasons:

1) The design of its LTSS.


3) Max supply / limited.

So, we are working in the idea of installing 1 node of OKCash in each solar PV installation sold. Maybe 1 wallet with 1.000 OKCash inside for each customer, included with the solar PV installation. This maybe the way for a true decentralization and an improved efficiency.

We are open for hearing about your ideas or comments.

Thank you very much. We will update this post with more info and photos.