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CoinCafe Needs Your Help! @CoinCafeOffici1

Started by BaaBaa, June 04, 2019, 06:28:46 PM

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Hi all! Hope you had a good day!

I would like to raise a serious question here in light of recent events.
And that is, 'How Important Is Crypto Adoption' to you?

If you follow the news, on here and other Social Media outlets you will know that a couple of our best friends here in the Crypto space have suffered a huge setback in their business.

For those who don't follow too closely, @EstieTrixie and @whateveryousayman started an Internet/Coin Cafe in their locality.


It was a struggle but they managed to pull it off. But....after setback after setback from day one, they still managed to follow all of OUR dreams, a business designed around the Cryptographic Currencies we all love.

Unfortunately on Sunday, they faced another setback in their dream. CoinCafe was the victim of a devastating burglary. Thieves broke into their premises and took most of the important equipment that the Cafe required to function.

The Police are investigating the crime, but let's face it, what are the chances of recovery?
And this doesn't solve the problem of how does the business continue without essential equipment?

I am asking YOU as OUR community to help out our friends in their time of need.

If you can afford to, please donate to them both, as they need our help right now.
They have put everything on the line for this project.
Show the rest of the Crypto world what this place is all about, supporting our own people!

I am personally going to donate 50% of what I make from Trading this week
because I believe in what @Estie Trixie Trixie and @whateveryousayman are doing.

It doesn't matter whether your donation is large or small.
If you can't afford to donate at all, that's fine, but please show your support.
It is much appreciated.

I am personally donating 50% of what I earn from Trading this week, wish me the best of luck ;)

If anyone wishes to donate any spare Crypto, here are the addresses to send to:

OKcash: PVnN8YjcTkzKoqSu8k3cG2RcKAk7S6BQrk

BTC:  3G7oARVwmYVsykUbD8z7MvkaknobcjHf9j

ETH:  0x919802a762d895d2cc0391a8af94e18324f640c6

LTC:  M9Nw1fGe8Zv5CpRvQg3mop6UamoRmYoveU

DASH:  XhxP5aGEn5EkP14hrFQbV4eGdwerp5FbZN

ETC:  0xce77d0cf1e7f8712129cb3c470df02a61aba9202

Thank you all for reading this post, and thanks in advance for any donations.
Your help is very much appreciated :)

(If anyone needs to reach me, DM me on Discord @BaaBaa (BitWearz)#9109)