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ezbit.co.in - 200% faucet bonus, similar moonbitcoin

Started by coinpriority123, February 10, 2020, 09:26:50 PM

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A faucet that you decide whenever you want to make a claim
Simplest and EZiest faucet
no minimum withdrawal
Instant payment

Faucet bonus
-Loyalty system
Make at least once claim each day to build up your loyalty up to 100%
-Active Referral Bonus
Every 2 active referrals you will get 1% bonus, up to 100%

Those bonuses will be added to your balance for every claims that you make
Example : if you make a claim of 50 sats from ez faucet
You will get 100 sats from 200% faucet bonus ( from loyalty and active referral bonuses).
So you will make 50 + 100 sats for every claims.


Try it now and check the claim rates : https://ezbit.co.in/?id=94