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Which Yielf Farming / DEFI have you participate in?

Started by bennyliaw, September 23, 2020, 08:35:22 pm

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Which Yielf Farming / DEFI have you participate in? Can you share a little detail, and how much ROI you made.

OKCash to the moon, gogogo! :)


If you haven't known. You can check out Tomochain.

It has given me over 200% ROI since few years back, survived through the bad times where many alts crashed still generating positive return! Havent added my staking returns which is around 6-8% right now.

And now it has started picking this year.. Many believes it should be a top 20 coin, as right now it is still a low market cap below 100million. So it is still a good time to look at.