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Celebrate Okcash 6th bday with the OK wallet v5.0.0.5 core Bliss - Release!

Started by OKupdates, November 05, 2020, 06:20:47 AM

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New Release of the OK wallet!
Run Okcash everywhere on Linux as well with the new AppImage Releases!
Lets celebrate Okcash 6th year on Nov 24th 2020, join Discord on that day for nice rains by the community!

OK Wallets v5.0.0.5 core - Mandatory Upgrade if running older than v5.0.0.0

codename: Bliss

(/blɪs/) is a state of complete happiness or joy; a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness.

Change List 05-Nov-2020 - v5.0.0.5-core Bliss

    - Upgraded connections/ connect only to v5 clients (Network)
    - New pnseeds (Network)
    - Sec Checkpoints. (Security/Performance)
    - New appimage release for most linux distros (Archlinux, Centos, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu and more!)
      *: thanks to opensourcer2 for the request/feedback.

Before you can run an AppImage, you need to make it executable. This is a Linux security feature. There are three main ways to make an AppImage executable:

    With the GUI

    Open your file manager and browse to the location of the AppImage
    Right-click on the AppImage and click the 'Properties' entry
    Switch to the Permissions tab and
    Click the 'Allow executing file as program' checkbox if you are using a Nautilus-based file manager (Files, Nemo, Caja), or click the 'Is executable' checkbox if you are using Dolphin, or change the 'Execute' drop down list to 'Anyone' if you are using PCManFM
    Close the dialog
    Double-click on the AppImage file to run

    On the command line

chmod a+x Some.AppImage


Instructions for previous clients:

    Close your Okcash client, replace it with the v5.0.0.5 , open your client, you are done.
    (If cant sync, re-download the ok-blockchain)

Okcash is self sustainable and is fully supported by voluntaries (Just like Bitcoin)