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New Release of the OK client - code name: Aether

Started by OKupdates, December 19, 2020, 08:56:53 PM

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New Release of the OK client - code name: Aether

"Mandatory upgrade" -> LTSSposv3hybrid system goes live after block number: 3,027,542

Run Okcash everywhere on Windows, Mac OSX, IoT
and every Linux distro with the new AppImage Releases!

OK V6.9 codename: Aether

(/Aithḗr/) is the personification of the "upper sky". He embodies the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to the normal air (ἀήρ, aer) breathed by mortals.

Change List 19-Dec-2020  - v6.9.0.0-core Aether

- Full Revamp of the Okcash Client and GUI.
- OK Client GUI full Redesign for ease of use.
- LTSSposv3hybrid development and implementation done, with this upgrade Okcash will achieve full "predictability" just like Bitcoin but under the unique Okcash Proof of Stake LTSS system by integrating its own implementation of POS v3, increased security of the network among other benefits. [Starts after block 3,027,542]
- Asynchronous Indexing.
- Added BIP44 support.
- Added BIP39 support.
- Integrated CheckLockTimeVerify. [BIP65]
- Massive overhaul regarding the way orphans are dealt with.
- Refactored code. [Way more clean and removed useless bits]
- Added checkbox for unlocking the wallet for OK Chat smsgs only.
- Hierarchical Deterministic wallet - which means you can recover all the keys in a wallet using only the master key.
- New prefix for base58 data.
- BIP32 support.
    - Each extended key can derive 2^31 normal child keys and 2^31 hardened child keys.
    - All new keys are deterministically generated from a master key.
    - The complete wallet state (except key labels) can be recreated from a single master key.
- New rpc function extkey, alias: bip32 (The path is a backslash delimited string of digits. m/3/4h/5) Only backslashes, digits and m, h and ' may occur in the path. The tokens m and 0 can only be first or last in the path.
- Translation strings for the OK Client are now ready to be loaded to Transifex to add more languages support.
- Added Gitian build descriptors.
- OK Chat SMSG ScanBlock harvest public keys from coinstake transactions.
- Added "Txn Type" field to txnreport.
- Added 'env' parameter to getinfo returns more environment specific information.
- Added simple command line interface to okcashd enabled with new parameter "cli" when not started as a daemon.
- Added createmultisig rpc command. (createmultisig does the same as existing command addmultisigaddress except that the resulting address and script are not added to the wallet.
- decoderawtransaction scriptPubKey includes the hex representation hex of a prevout scriptPubKey is required for signrawtransaction.
- signrawtransaction works when private keys are passed in as parameters.
- Micromarkdown formatting.
- New assets path on code with new plugins to expand/integrate more capabilities/features to the OK Client.
- Full upgrade to the OK Chat SMSG system in design and code. [v2]
- New option to disable OK Chat SMSG scanning of incoming blocks. - smsgoptions set scanIncoming false.
- smsgoptions command is now case insensitive.
- smsgoptions list takes a bool parameter to list option descriptions.
- dumpprivkey takes a pubkey as input.
- Improved init messages.
- Improved debug and log feedback messages.
- New oktools folder on code with some scripts for setup/build/sync for developers.
- New .tx folder on code for the translations "Transifex" config.
- Bug fixes.

Instructions for previous clients:

- Close your Okcash client, replace it with the v6.9.0.0 , open your client, let it reindex the chain (one time only, takes 3 hrs aprox. the wallet will close itself when done) check your wallet is closed, open it and you are done.
(If cant sync or dont want to wait for the reindex you can re-download the latest ok-blockchain)

Create and Restore an Okcash HD Wallet

When you load the new Okcash HD wallet for the first time, it will create a new HD account for you and set it as default, any new addresses generated will be from the default HD account [unique to you].
However, as this is pre-generated and not easy to remember, we suggest you to proceed to create a new HD account using a mnemonic sentence.

Always backup your wallet.dat first!

              Creating an Okcash HD wallet:

                    1. Turn off the OK Client, save your wallet.dat [Backup] and rename it
                    2. Turn on the latest OK Client
                    3. Create a new Okcash HD wallet[Account] (OK Tools > Get a new HD Wallet) and give it a name
                    4. Go to "OK Tools > Advanced HD config" and make sure the new HD account
                        you just named is showing as "default"
                    5. Send some Okcash from your old wallet to the new one

              Recovering / Restoring an Okcash HD wallet:

                    1. Turn off the OK Client, save your wallet.dat [Backup] and rename it
                    2. Turn on the latest OK Client
                    3. Go to "OK Tools > Import an HD Wallet" and complete the steps
                    4. Go to "OK Tools > Debug Console" and type scanforalltxns 2730690
                    5. You should see your test transaction showing up

            Your new Okcash HD wallet is setup, and the mnemonic sentence + optional password
            is all you need to access all new created addresses.

How to run an AppImage on Linux:

Before you can run an AppImage, you need to make it executable. This is a Linux security feature. There are three main ways to make an AppImage executable:

1. With the GUI

    Open your file manager and browse to the location of the AppImage
    Right-click on the AppImage and click the 'Properties' entry
    Switch to the Permissions tab and
    Click the 'Allow executing file as program' checkbox if you are using a Nautilus-based file manager (Files, Nemo, Caja), or click the 'Is executable' checkbox if you are using Dolphin, or change the 'Execute' drop down list to 'Anyone' if you are using PCManFM
    Close the dialog
    Double-click on the AppImage file to run

2. On the command line

chmod a+x Some.AppImage


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