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How to add [OK] Wrapped Okcash BSC to Metamask Wallet

Started by OKupdates, October 16, 2022, 08:38:49 AM

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This is a tutorial on How to add [OK] Wrapped Okcash BSC to MetaMask wallet.

You need:

    The Network on your Metamask wallet set to the Binance Smart Chain.
    [OK] Wrapped Okcash BSC contract: 0x523821d20a283d955f6205B4C9252779Cd0f964B

Add OK token to MetaMask

    Open the MetaMask extension in your web browser or your MetaMask mobile App.
    Select the Assets tab.
    Scroll down and click Import tokens.


    Select the Custom Token tab.
    Insert the contract address of OK token ( 0x523821d20a283d955f6205B4C9252779Cd0f964B ) to the field Token Contract Address.
    The token symbol and token decimal will get filled automatically.
    Else you can add them manually; Symbol: OK  Token Decimals: 18


    Click Add Custom Token.
    You will see OK token information and the balance (if you have OK tokens at your address).


    Click Import Tokens.


    Congratulations, you added the OK token to MetaMask and it will become visible in the Assets tab, enjoy!

Okcash is self sustainable and is fully supported by voluntaries (Just like Bitcoin)