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Happy 8th Birthday OK community!

Started by lykus, November 22, 2022, 01:49:26 PM

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Happy 8th Birthday OK community!

On November 24 2022: The OK ecosystem turns 8 years old!

To celebrate, the community will hold rains, soaks, games and giveaways over OK Bitcoin Server https://discord.io/ok

Don't miss out on this special day!

8th Okcash Birthday on November 24th!

To Celebrate you can Win up to 40,000 OK !!

8th birthday #crypto #giveaway from #okcash, Win 1,000 $OK !

    In the OK Bitcoin Server ( https://discord.io/cryptocurrency ) they also said to invite friends and foes to join the community in discord, which holds around 18,000 crypto members, they will do a huge 10,000 OK rain for all the community on Nov 24th 2022!!!
    Join now and don't miss out!

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