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Get your first taste of Crypto! | web3 OK faucets released [Multi chain]

Started by OKupdates, December 15, 2022, 11:04:08 AM

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web3 OK faucets: https://okmoon.net

Get your first taste of Crypto! | web3 OK faucets released [Multi chain]

The OK faucets for Ethereum, Polygon, Binance smart chain and Avalanche are ready and rocking!

The OK community has always been distinguished for sharing and caring, making rains, giveaways and more to help new users get their first crypto to try it out, or to play games with it in the community server.

Keep moving crypto forward

With the new OK integration in the multi chain ecosystem, we want to support and continue the task to keep moving crypto forward and to keep reaching new users to empower with OK and the available Defi and Blockchain tools.

Hence in this occasion, we would like to share the new multi chain web3 faucets for OK, so new and old users alike, can claim daily OK rewards to test, save, move to another chain, trade or stake their OK.

Sharing is Caring

New users to crypto; can learn and get a hold of their first multi chain crypto in a real easy way thanks to the OK faucets!

Amateur crypto users; can continue to gather and hoard their OK or use it for payments and services, they can move it to other chains, they can send it to cold storage or keep it in any of the available wallets for OK (including Metamask and many more), they can do trades with it over many of the Decentralized and Centralized exchanges, they can save it to get a spot on the OK NFT airdrop on 2023 or use it in the upcoming games and dapps, they can also use it for tipping or just to add it to their staking stash.

Feel free to test and win your OK and don't forget to share the faucets and invite your non crypto friends so they can gather their first crypto! everything is gonna be OK!
Okcash is self sustainable and is fully supported by voluntaries (Just like Bitcoin)