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Okcash Takes the Multichain Game to the Next Level: Now Integrating with Arbitru

Started by OKupdates, January 25, 2023, 07:10:36 AM

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Okcash Takes the Multichain Game to the Next Level: Now Integrating with Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom

    Get ready for the next level of decentralized innovation! Okcash is proud to announce its integration into three new cutting-edge chains; Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom

The world of cryptocurrency is about to get even more exciting with the latest developments from Okcash. The teams behind Okcash have been working tirelessly in conjunction with Spherium's Hyperbridge to bring its cutting-edge multichain capabilities to the next level, and they're thrilled to announce that Okcash is now officially integrated with three of the most advanced blockchain networks available today; Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom.

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution, an emerging roll-up technology. Transmitting messages between Arbitrum's second layer chain and Ethereum's main chain smart contracts allows exponential scaling for Ethereum smart contracts.

Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that can support all of Ethereum's Dapps. Instead of running all computation and data on the Ethereum network, Optimism puts all transaction data on-chain and runs computation off-chain, increasing Ethereum's transactions per second and decreasing transaction fees.

Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain aiming to provide an alternative to the high costs and low speeds about which users of Ethereum often complain, it runs on a directed acyclic graph blockchain, similar to Hedera Hashgraph.

With these new integrations, Okcash is not only expanding its reach and accessibility to new communities and projects that are built on these chains but also, it is positioning itself as a true multichain juggernaut in the crypto space. Not only does it bring faster and cheaper transactions to users, but it also opens up new opportunities for developers to reach a wider audience and increase scalability.

But that's not all. Okcash is also the first and unique cryptocurrency project that will be able to be staked on all the OK chains, providing an additional income stream for holders and helping to secure the network and incentivize good behavior. This feature is expected to attract a large number of users to the platform and is a testament to Okcash's commitment to innovation and progress.

These integrations are just the beginning of what's to come for Okcash. The team is constantly working on new developments to enhance the user experience and bring more value to the community. With this latest news, the Okcash community is excited to see what the future holds for this multichain juggernaut.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this decentralized revolution. Join the Okcash community, and be a part of the next generation of cryptocurrency!

OK Arbitrum contract: 0xd3Ac016b1B8C80EeAdDe4D186A9138C9324e4189
OK Optimism contract: 0xd3Ac016b1B8C80EeAdDe4D186A9138C9324e4189
OK Fantom contract: 0xd3Ac016b1B8C80EeAdDe4D186A9138C9324e4189

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