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The OK Trading Chart Showdown: Battle for the 17K Okcash Prize Pool!

Started by OKupdates, January 26, 2023, 11:02:43 AM

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The OK Trading Chart Showdown: Battle for the 17K Okcash Prize Pool!

New power contest for the OK Fam!

Welcome to the OK / TradingView Contest!

Win 10,000 OK for 1st place + 5,000 OK for 2nd place and 2,000 OK for 3rd place!

1.- Submit your OK chart idea (can be on any OK/Pair) over Tradingview so it can be seen at:
- Share your idea over your socials so you get more votes and likes, you can also share it over the #ok channel in the OK community Discord.
- That's it. You are now participating in the contest!

— Contest will last from January 26th 2023 to February 26th 2023 [1 month to participate]
— There is no limit on the amount of charts you can submit, but Only the most voted/liked will win.
— Winners will be selected based on the most Liked and/or commented chart idea.
— Winners will be selected on February 26th 2023.
— Winners will be announced over 💸︱ok-fam-power (Channel over the OK community Discord) so they can contact us for their prize!
— With OK being a community-driven project, Everyone can participate. (mods, community leaders, OK fam members, Outsiders that learn about the contest, etc)

Good Luck! Have Fun OKfam!
OK community Discord:

Okcash is self sustainable and is fully supported by voluntaries (Just like Bitcoin)