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Started by Valkir, June 24, 2016, 10:48:30 PM

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Hi guys

I was managing the multipool for the community but look like the creator of the pool doesn't answer me anymore.

If any of you know how we could create one, let me know.

Will be nice to have a multipool to support okcash price.  :)


Great idea!  Already launching one in a few days at poswallet.com (faucet already open at poswallet.com/faucet.php .

Would you like to be a alpha tester of the wallet?  I can create an account for you if you would like.

Couple rules:
1) If you find a bug, you have to tell me :)
2) You have to spend some time looking for bugs and trying out the wallet
3) You have to bring at least 5k OKCash to the wallet, and make multiple transactions on a daily basis.  Deposits, withdrawls, different amounts, etc.

Let me know!



Let me know when everything is launched. I will keep trying to replicate the multipool that we had.