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New OK Market accepting Crypto

REGISTER AT THE NEW Free crypto auction marketplace to buy and sell your items.


No fees, direct payment, Free sign up, and free okcash giveaway.

Weekly Okcash giveaways to winning member who register on the crypto marketplace and make a free auction listing

giveaway info thread: http://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,1983.0.html

Okcash Giveaways

Weekly Okcash Giveaways to members who register on the New OK crypto marketplace:

https://www.mygeomall.com and make an auction listing (is free)

No fees, direct payment, Free sign up, and Weekly Okcash giveaways!
Point of this post is to put forth Ideas and how to Promote OKCash.

1.) Uberpay wallet on Android is a great way to store your OKCash

2.) OKCash QT needs to be auto bootstrapped.

3.) Promoting on social media specifically to businesses

4.) A new ANDROID wallet needs to be developed so it can stake (Jiggle it and get coins)

5.) A IOS wallet needs to be developed

6.) Every spent coin should also have a auto charity fee of .0001 just like the miner fee ( This is cash for the community)

7.) We need a market place. Where we can Buy things from amazon and ebay with OKCash useing  their Product API incorporated into the site.

8.) Get listed on a Chinese exchange

9.) Make a exchange that only has OKCash, BTC, LTC to give OKCash Liquidity and to tell the General Public we are a crypto standard.