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ROKOS Tutorials / Auto Login
December 05, 2016, 02:25:30 am
I would like Rokos to automatically login the user (Pi) and start Bitcoin Core fully automatic without any input needed at all, so fully automated boot-up.
Also I would like Rokos to periodically check if Bitcoin Core is still running ok and re-boot if it's not.

Any help would be appreciated.
kind regards
My 128GB usb drive was nearly to it's maximum capacity when the full blockchain was loaded.
So I bought another identical sandisk 128GB USB 3.0 Ultra Fit Flash Drive and performed the following:
1- made a copy of all the files of the old 128GB usb drive to my PC using FileZilla (saves me to download chain again).
2. Re-installed fresh version of Rokos v7 Core.
3. made a Raid 0 of the two drives using
4.mounted the 248GB Raid drive
5. started Bitcoin Core Client.
I can see in Task manager that it starts but then stops again.

Owner of the 248GB drive is Root.

What is going wrong here? Any ideas?