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One more Idea:
Deposit money:
With some online payment system you can collect money from users like paypal. And by using paypal api you will monitor that account who deposit money (with userid forexample). After some user deposit money you will show in your casino game that amount of okcash in user's account.

Whenever some user want to cash out you can send okcash to their account from your okcash account. (Of course you should have plenty of OKCASH in reserve in your wallet) Okcash wallet has command prompt commands for sending receivening OKCASH.
I am also interested in this one. My comment on the subject. (I am not related to OKCASH developer team or in any team these  are my opinions only.) 
It seems there is no automatic method of implementing it, hence no crypto currency is working like Paypal or alternatives.
It is more like cash money. You have a wallet, online or offline and using this address to receive money. The money that you will receive is not delivered through some third party.

You can not make a donation button in your game like paypal with your okcash wallet. If there are any third party services exists which can take money from user and convert it to OKCASH and deliver this OKCASH to your given wallet with some commission it can be, but i am not aware of such service.

The only thing that can be done in this case is to write your OKCASH wallet address in your application and give a link to OKCASH official website(so users can have idea anout it if they never heard of OKCASH) and wait some happy user to send you their appreciations.

If someone has any other information please share:D
Firstly welcome, I am happy to see new members.
You can follow this thread always for free giveaways.

For example now there is a birthday card giveaway going on. Directly be a part of it and claim your free 5 okcash :D

In addition i strongly advice you to buy some okcash and stake it according to your budget. This is a great method to save and increase the value of your savings.

I am always saying, in long term i believe in Okcash. Don't be deceived from the short term fluctuations. Look at the history of bitcoin. How many times the coin itself dropped more than %30 - %40 percentage. But always it regained it's value. Not only bitcoin you can compare Ethereum ,ETC or Zcash also, the same scenario happened to them many times.
So be patient, spread the word, invest and stake.
Come to Discord chat also, a nice community waiting you there.
You will thank me later.
OK Tech Support / Re: Staking......am I doing it wrong?
October 23, 2017, 09:27:32 AM
ok first of all there is no claim needed it will be automatically come to your wallet.
Are you sure that your computer was on all that time without any loosing of internet connection. Becasue stakeing income is a random issue. You can wait 1 day and receive no reward or wait 1 day receive 2 times reward and so on.
In addition you can get more frequent rewards if you will stake higher amounts, but in your case ~1000 ok cash should be normal, of course not so much but it should do the trick.
Just check last time how many connections you have, if you will not receive no reward in a cuople of days directly write to the tech guys.
OK Tech Support / Re: Wallet synk and receiving OKs
October 23, 2017, 04:10:04 AM
I don't think that you coins will dissapear. Because your transaction is already in the network. Till your wallet syncronized you can not see it on your wallet.
But i guess you can see them in the block explorer at least:D

After the sync will complete everything will be fine.
OK Tech Support / Re: synchronizing with network
October 23, 2017, 04:07:44 AM
You can fast sync you wallet.
Please read this thread it is so much easy to do.
For Windows

Search the forum there is a tutorial for all supported systems.
OK Tech Support / Re: Staking......am I doing it wrong?
October 23, 2017, 03:56:27 AM
1-how much okcash are you staking?
2-Is your wallet synced totally?
Your answers are lacking logic and facts and only consist of sentimental loyalty which i also have against okcash but my logic pressing this issue more than my emotions. I want to cleary repeat myself again to you and everyone who is reading these words;
-Roaster must change and some real names must be added.
-At least some background information must be added to some of them like what those guys done before, which project, how old are they etc etc. (Wherever possible)
-Good and logical roadmap must be added with a goals.

Possible Goasl:
-Reach XXX volume in 1 year.
-Reach XXX number of users in community.
-Reach XXX daily transactions.

Anyway hope you will see my points.

Note: I personally following OKcash already 1 year and have really high amount of okcash holding and staking in my wallet. I am seeing okcash in long run and not using in pump-dump operations. I am spreading the word wherever possible. I like the project in general and just trying to point some obvious facts that i saw from my point of view.

Unfortunately i don't agree with you in so many points. A block-chain currency is powerful only when it is widely used.As i said before, without real money  investment this project will be a dump-pump currency.
Bitcoin had an advantage because it was the first. Now there are zillions of crypto currencies. So that train already lost, you can not compare with it on those terms.

Now as you said a crypto currency should bring something new to the market (which okcash is ok in this case :D ) and rather than teenager followers  it should have to collect real investors. I am not talking about buying the cash itself, i am talking about investing to the block-chain itself. Using it in other implementations.

What we can do as the community, we can buy with our little money and spread the word to our little network, and wait till it will be 300$ which i am already doing it believe me.

OK Tech Support / Re: Settings for Staking
October 21, 2017, 12:22:52 PM
Your wallet should be fully synchronized. Is it %100 percent sync?
In addition you should leave it online everytime. Is 24h enough for staking i don't know..

I am a real supporter of open source community. As you stated about privacy i am also supporting that. But about this collaborators problem how is it presented in the website is still a big problem from my eyes.
1-A crypto currency will grow as far as it is used widely. It can not grow with a bunch of gamers if it will not take any investments.
2-In order for it to grow you should have to have some good pr and marketing.
3-For the marketing and PR you need to have a good working product which has advantageous functions over it is competitors .(Which okcash has it by the way in my eyes)
4-In extra good team and good website. In this part we fail in our collaborates page. Who will invest money (A real money) in a product whose programmers are bunch of nicknames. Even no background information, nothing, no real names no pictures etc...
This currency can not be more than pump-dump currency in this kind of logic. And the potential will be ruined.

What can be done:
-Programmers meme photos can be changed. Real names can be written. Background information can be supplied, like what they done before. Which projects what are their knowledge base. Maybe some case scenarios can be presented.
-A possible and reachable good road-map can be published. (Not like fake one like Poloinex hoax, achievable) About poloinex issue i really felt like i am tricked. Anyway that is another issue not this conversation's problem.

Those are my ideas please feel free to comment or ignore.


Hi everyone,
This is my first post, but let it not mislead you, i am following OKCash long time long. Anyway let me come to my point;

Website became really good in general, but it is lacking seriousness, solemnity. I mean in everywhere internet forums people are talking about OK Collaborators part and making fun that all OK Collaborators are bunch of avatars with not real names even only nicknames and calling OKCASH as MEMECASH

They have a point in a way. I myself understand that OKCash project is opensource and all the OK Collaborators are nerds (Word from OKcash website itself) who devoted
their time and knowledge to this job, but no serious investor will understand this.

What i suggest is at least add some good roaster and write OK Collaborators real names real photos and maybe some background information. It will really help much more than anything that will be done in short term beleive me.
Anyway thanks for reading hope it will be changed soon.